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      +86 0592 5799319

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      Xiamen Compower medical Tech. Co., Ltd. is a high and new tech enterprises founded in 2006, which locates   in Xiamen Xiang'an Torch Industrial Zone. It is a subsidiary of Xiamen Voke Mold&Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd., with the support of Voke, who has more than 30 years' exquisite mold design and manufacturing experiences. Compower improves its capacity of products design and developments to a higher level...

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      The professional manufacturer specializing in the production of emergency and respiratory  medical devices, established in 2006 and certified by CE,ISO, CFDA, US FDA We provide mold development & manufacturing, plastic molding and product assembly service in one stop.

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      +86 0592 5799319

      Address: Unit 301, No. 16 Xianghong Road, ,Xiang'an Torch Industrial Zone,Xiamen
      Tel: +86 0592-5799319
      Fax:+86 0592-5796765
      Zip code: 361101


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