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      +86 0592 5799319

      About us

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      Our Mission

      Tender life care, free your every breath !

      Our vision

      To be an outstanding medical device provider for safe, healthy and top- quality products !

      Our Core values

      Quality first, saving lives !

      The professional manufacturer specializing in the production of emergency and respiratory  medical devices, established in 2006 and certified by CE,ISO, CFDA, US FDA We provide mold development & manufacturing, plastic molding and product assembly service in one stop.

      Contact us

      +86 0592 5799319

      Address: Unit 301, No. 16 Xianghong Road, ,Xiang'an Torch Industrial Zone,Xiamen
      Tel: +86 0592-5799319
      Fax:+86 0592-5796765
      Zip code: 361101


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